Student-created Games


Subject(s): All areas (through a Digital Technology lens)
Year Level(s): 3rd and up
What’s it about? Students can create a wide variety of games using a drag-and-drop block-based code language. Students are also able to remix existing games to build upon games that others have created.
Resources to get started: Gamelab

Subject(s): All areas (through a Digital Technology lens)
Year Level(s): 5/6 and up
What’s it about? Students use guided tutorials to create animations and games using block-based coding and/or JavaScript. Students learn key computer science concepts while creating animations and games that can be related to any subject area.
Resources to get started:

Google Drawings Infographics on Printed Gameboards

​Subject(s): All
Year Level(s): 3 and up
What’s it about? Students can collaborate to create an interactive gameboard using images and shapes in Google Drawings. 
Resources to get started:

Choose Your Own Adventure Google Forms

Subject(s): All
Year Level(s): 4 and up
What’s it about? Students collaborate to tell an interactive story using Google Slides.
Resources to get started: