Victorian Education Week Launch – Canterbury Primary School Maker Festival 

I co-led the organisation of this event with Carly Pluck. The purpose of this festival was to create, make & share with a range of traditional and innovative technologies.

Canterbury Maker Festivals

Evenings aimed at community engagement and fun with making! Each year we have different activities for the different parts of our Makerspace: Coding, 3D Printing, Cardboard Construction, Woodwork, Cooking, Circuits and many more! These festivals have been led by myself, Jessie Wilson, students, parents and the talented and creative teachers at Canterbury Primary. Video made by Brendan Hitchens.

Young Minds of the Future

An authentic, rich and engaging learning experience, the collaboration between Ringwood North, Canterbury and Chatham Primary Schools, the Young Minds of the Future Exhibition (YMOF) was a student-led expo held at Canterbury Primary School. This was the culmination of a truly collaborative learning experience for both students and teachers across the three primary schools as they worked together to identify and invent solutions to problems of the future.

Windows to the World

This project was created by the Year 5 and 6 Canterbury Students and their teachers Zoe Couglan, Bridget Dykes, Aidan Quinn, Carly Pluck, Emma Thompson and Jessie Wilson. I worked with students to use Little Bits, motors, and LEDs to get the parts in the windows animated.

Pinewood Derby

Year 4 Science & Woodwork Project

Sphero Maze Project

This project was created by two Year 5 classes to teach measurement, particularly angles and length. It ended up so much better than we imagined! I have written more about it here.

Computer Game Narrative Project

A project that linked coding with writing to engage students and improve academic outcomes, growth mindset and attitudes.