Makerspace Storage & Organisation

The Canterbury Primary School Makerspace is used by over 600 students! Safety, functionality and accessibility are our priorities for Makerspace storage. The best way to store resources to ensure these priorities are met is something we are constantly reevaluating and improving.

  • Safety. It is important things are stored safely, heavy items are not up high and more dangerous tools are locked. We also lock up expensive items. For more information on Makerspace safety, click here.
  • Functionality. We need to make sure there is maximum space for making so this means we need to get creative, making use of corners, cupboards and ceiling space.
  • Availability. Teachers and students will use the space if they know what is available and where it is stored. This is always a work in progress for us. The photos below show how some of the areas are organised.

Construction materials and circuits storage

Woodwork Storage

The front of the space & more electronics storage

Fabric & Sewing Storage