3D Printing

3D printing is an engaging way for students to develop and apply their understanding of 3D shapes, measurement and scale. I have found it’s a great way to engage girls in tech, encourage a ‘make it, test it, fix it’ mindset and extend high level mathematics students.


  • Research before you buy to ensure you are purchasing a printer to suit your needs. I found the Flash Forge Inventor 2 to be awesome for Primary School. It is easy to use (students in Years 4-6 can use it themselves) and there have been no problems/issues to date (touch wood!). It is a single filament printer, in the next few years as students build skills and progress, I will look into purchasing a dual filament printer.
  • TinkerCAD is a great 3D design app for primary school students, the tutorials are simple and useful when they are just getting started
  • Print with purpose. Avoid students printing ‘things’ eg. toys. The learning is more meaningful if they are printing something with a purpose that they have designed and measured themselves

Project Ideas

3D Printed Pencil Holders (Year 4)

3D Printed Wearable Tech (Year 4)

3D Printed Hermit Crab Habitat Accessories (Year 5)

3D Printed Scale Model of Canterbury Primary School (Year 5)

3D Printed Boats (Year 4)